The art of papercutting

It’s hard to believe until you see — from the ordinary sheet of paper, you can create a unique world that surprises, fascinates, inspires. бабочка вырезаная из бумаги

Art of papercutting — is an ancient craft, such old as the paper itself. Some fans debate about the chicken and the egg even claim that papercutting appeared much earlier. Even before the emergence and spread of paper people cut out figures and patterns of leather, foil, and the Slavs were cut from the tissue and bark.

In any case, the founder of the artistic carving is considered China — the country that gave humanity the paper. Cutting paper patterns in China called «Jianzhu.»

In ancient times, because of the high cost of new material — paper vytynanki were available very limited number of persons. But with the development of the industry, there are many factories that produce paper and this material has become one of the most accessible materials for decoration. Thus cutting of paper has become a traditional craft of so many peoples — Ukrainians, Belarusians, Poles, Lithuanians, Russian. Peasants decorated their their homes, sometimes used vytynanki only as stencils painting, but often used as an independent ornament for the holidays, for example.

Traditional Eastern European countries were considered symmetrical vytynanki. For the manufacture of paper sheet previously stacked, and then cut patterns. Approximately so we all did as a child snowflakes.

In Western Europe, the other was a popular technique — silhouette cutting. These were different pictures of a white sheet of paper — portraits, landscapes, which are then placed on a contrasting dark background.

And a small master class on how to make vytynanki.

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